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For the first time the village is mentioned in a document from 1438 under the name Leskowecz, as the property of the Budatín castle estate. Sigismund of Luxembourg donated Budatín dominion to Juraj of Hatný in 1436. In 1438, Albrecht Habsburgs ordered him to reamble / re-design, repair, and repair the Turin Convention / Monastery under Zniev at the request of George and his brothers. From this document we learn for the first time that the Budatín dominion at that time belonged to Budatín, Chlmec, Vranie, Dubie, Kysucké Nové Mesto, Kysucký Lieskovec, Budatín Lehota, Nesluša, Povina, Radoľa, Brodno and Zádubnia. The origin of the village itself can be dated to the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries, because in the first half of the 13th century only a part of the lower Kysuce was settled - the settlement Radoľa and the settlement Jesesin / Kysucké Nové Mesto /, which originated on customary law. The other territory was unpopulated, covered with forests and formed a border line between Hungary and Poland. At the beginning of the 16th century, the village of Kysucky Lieskovec and the village of Shamajas passed through Wallachian law. Wallachian law was the sum of legal norms and customs that governed the Wallachian population and corresponded to the alpine way of gelding. Valasi started in Slovakia to migrate v14. from the Wallachia in Romania and the core of the settlers were Romanians and Ruthenians. Thanks to the breeding of more resistant sheep that were able to graze harder grass, Valasi began to farm unused mountain meadows and pastures. While older sheep farming mainly focused on meat and wool production, Wallachian sheep farming was mainly focused on milk and cheese production.

As the Wallachian and indigenous people of Slovakia gradually merged into one ethnic group, the Klasice and Kysuce were mostly Slovak origin. In the past, the inhabitants of Kysucky Lieskovec dealt with agriculture, farming, shepherding, tinkering, shingles and fishing. After 1918 they made their living by sowing, making rivers, knitting bast beds and basketballs. There was also a peddler shop.

List of historically documented names of the village:

-1438 Leskowecz
-1773 Lieszkovecz, Lieskowec
-1786 Lieszkowec
-1808 Liészkovecz, Liéskowec
-1863 Lijeszkovec
-1873 Ljeszkovec
-1877-1902 Lieszkovec
-1907-1913 Újhelymogyoród
-1920 Lieskovec
-1927-1944 Lieskovec nad Kysucou
-1944 Kysucky Lieskovec

The current name of Kysucky Lieskovec is from 1944. The village is adjacent to Lodno, Klubina, Povina, Kysucky New Town, Dunajov and Ochodnica. According to the latest census, the village had 2404 inhabitants.

In 1598 it was thirteen houses and a mill. In 1658 it was already 11 farmhouses, 7 iron farms and a tavern. More than a hundred years ago, in 1784 the village had 124 houses and 681 inhabitants and in 1828 the village had 150 houses and 971 inhabitants. Currently, the village has 715 homes and 2394 residents. The inhabitants are predominantly reporting to the Roman Catholic religion. The vicarage was established in 1950. Among the long-standing pastors were dean Anton Kopásek. In the village there is a church of st. Svorad and Benedict from 1950, chapel on the field road in Rovne and belfry in the cemetery. In it are located bells from 1768 - 1770. Important events include the consecration of the church. Svorad and Benedict (1953), building a sports complex with a grandstand (1975), building a cultural house (1988), celebrating the 555th anniversary of the first mention of the village (1993), building a sewage treatment plant (1994), advancing footballers to II. National League (2003).

Coat of arms of the village

In a silver shield, a three-legged hazel with green leaves and six golden nuts grows on the green leaf that grows on the side branches.

Flag of the village

The flag has seven equally broad strips, white at the edges, and green and yellow alternating inside. At the end, there are two cuts to a depth of 1/3 of the flag.

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