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The village of Kysucký Lieskovec is situated on the western edge of the Kysuce Highlands at the elevation of 368 m and lies at the mouth of the Lodňanka river which flows into the Kysuca river. Located in the northern part of Slovakia, the village is a part of the lower Kysuce region. It is to be found 15 km to the north of Žilina and 15 km to the south of Čadca. Its neighbouring villages are Lodno and Ochodnica which is in the west. Our village is separated from Ochodnica by the Kysuca river and by a two-rail railway. The longest borderline of the village is that which it shares with Kysucké Nové Mesto (KNM is 5 km far from Kysucký Lieskovec), Lodno and Povina. Its position on the map is 18.50 longitude and 49.18 latitude. In 1932 our village was declared to be a 6 km long region where most of the area consisted of pastures and meadows, and the smaller part of the arable land. Some parts of the village were given specific names in the past which are still used even today: u Bútorych, pod Lánom, pod Hôrkami, na Dielniciach, v Hliniskách, za Riekou, na Hôrach, and na Cholvarkoch (cholvarky – wooden sties made in the woods). In 1977 the cadastral area measured 1320 hectares. The overall area of usable land had 579 hectares out of which only 320 hectares constituted arable land. The village of Kysucký Lieskovec has up to 800 houses in which around inhabitants live. The annual birth rate means around 20 – 25 children born every year.

The first written mention of the village dates back to 1438 when it was called Leskovecz. It was a property of the Budatín manor which gained a right to it. It changed its name several times until it got its original name. There were 13 houses and a mill in 1598. In 1658 there were already 11 peasant houses, 7 ironmonger’s farmsteads and an inn. In more than a hundred years there were already 124 houses and 681 inhabitants which constituted the village in 1784. Kysucký Lieskovec was known for pastoralism, husbandry, tinkering, basketry, for its shinglers and for making sieves.

Most of its inhabitants claim to follow the Roman Catholic Church. The parish was established in 1950. Anton Kopásek is among those vicars who served the parish for a long period of time. There is a Church of St. Svorad and St. Benedict built in 1950, a chapel on the field road in Rovne and a belfry at the cemetery. There are bells dating back to 1768 – 1770 in this belfry.

The most important events of the village are the consecration of the Church of St. Svorad and St. Benedict (1953), the construction of the sports area with stands (1975), the building of the community centre (1988), the celebration of the 555th anniversary of the first written mention of the village (1993), the construction of the sewage treatment plant (1994), and the qualification of the football players for the 2nd national league in 2003.

There are several historic sights in the village: the belfry at the cemetery with its bells made in the span between 1768 and 1770, the Church of St. Svorad and St. Benedict, the Chapel of the Seven Sorrows of Mary in the part of the village called Rovne, and the Stations of the Cross in Rovne.

Translated by Lenka Kollarčíková


Basic information ...
Mayor Milan Králik
Phone preset ... +421-41
The population ... 2394
ZIP code 023 34
District ... Kysucké Nové Mesto
Region ... Žilinský kraj
Country ... Slovakia
The municipality code ... 509264
First written mention ... 1438
Population density ... 194 residents/km²
Area ... 12.32 km² (1232 ha)
Coordinates ... 49.3374646, 18.8113886
Height above sea level ... 368 m n. m.
Vehicle registration KM
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