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Run through the municipality 2019 - 10th anniversary

Added by Admin | 24 Jul at 15:36 | 42x |
Run through the municipality 2019 - 10th anniversary

Like every year, this weekend was held at the feast in our nice village Kysucký Lieskovec Run through the village 2019 - jubilee 10th year. The weather was nice and it was very pleasant even if the runners were a little warm. Just before 1:00 pm running fans started to meet and gradually entered the application list. The categories were: Children under 6 years (3 participants), Children under 15 years (13 participants), Women (6 participants) and Men (11 participants). Children up to 6 years of age were running 500 meters with their mothers. Children under 15 were running 1500 m. Women also 1500 m. and Men 2000 m. Each participant tried to run within their limits but only one could win. Emka Obuchová won in the category of children 6, her brother Miško Obuch finished second and Danko Vojtáš finished third. In the category of children up to 15 Matúš Fojtík won the second place with Radovan Hmíra and third place after the hard fight Martin Birtus. In women, Lucka Gomolová took first place with Emka Ondrušková second and Martinka Macangová third. The men climbed the legendary peak Janko Obuch but heed on his heels Juraj Krupka, who finished second and Braňo Tokárik finished third. The mayor Milan Králik together with the organizers Milan Truban and Martin Jakubec presented nice prizes to the winners and wished the participation in the Run by the Municipalities higher year after year. In his address, the mayor reminded us that in our village it would not be so bad from sports and he believes that the sport will come to life gradually in our village. We said goodbye to the participants and we thanked the mayor for nice prizes donated by Kysucký Lieskovec.

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